Vix Meldrew is 30-something Londoner and an award-winning lifestyle blogger, a one-time-award-winning comedian and blogging biz coach.

uk blogging coach

I haven’t always been a UK blogging coach + blogger. Working with amazing brands, meeting new friends and hosting talks and events is something I’ve grown over the last few years.

Before that, I was a full time primary school teacher, who blogged for fun and only dreamed of one day turning it into a business. I’d just lost my Mum, was sofa-surfing and trying to make ends meet when I began writing about and appearing on TV and radio to discuss my awful dating life.

I didn’t think I could work on my platforms full time. I am certainly NOT an Instagram model, I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers and I had (still have) a preeeetty hefty credit card debt thanks to one too many Nandos and Ubers.

But working on this space, whilst teaching for 60 hours a week, became too much and I finally made the leap, that I’m sure terrifies most of us, and left it all behind to build a business for myself.

I don’t come from wealth, have a family support system or particularly have any business accumen whatsoever – all I know is that I like writing words that people need to read and helping others turn their dreams into realities too.

So here we are today. You’ll mostly find me tapping away at my laptop in my local coffee shop with a hazelnut, soya latte by my side, writing blog posts, recording podcasts or helping you guys to create killer content across your platforms.

Hopefully you’ll find the words you need to read here on this blog. As well as arming you with a TON of free content to help you grow your blog. I tackle a lot of topics that it’s sometimes hard to talk about, such as; grief, mental health, sex and relationships. Perhaps you could really do with reading a few words that make you giggle – I have a few hilarious listicles on oral sex.

Or you might find that I could be the person to help you grow your online spaces. Perhaps, like me, you think that you can’t do it because of your following size or confidence levels. I’m telling you, you can. WE CAN. 

I can’t wait for you to have a look around, to read the blog and come and chat to me on Twitter or Instagram about them. I ALSO can’t wait for you to dive into my Shop and bag yourself a few resources that will REALLY ignite your business.

But before you go, let’s take some time to get to know me Nineties style through a silly Mizz/Shout-style quiz…

uk blogging coach

I’m dying to know your answers too! Please let me know…


The best place to grab me is on Twitter but please feel free to email any enquiries to vixmeldrew@gmail.com


I only accept gifted items or write sponsored posts for brands that I would use myself. All gifted products are labelled c/o (courtesy of) and I always make it clear when posts have been sponsored. I am also part of an affiliate network so any links that are used to monetize will be marked with an asterix (*). It is my policy that I always disclaim when I am working with a brand, in line with ASA, CAP and IAB guidelines

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