I launched ‘Exciting Emails’ on the back of my successful weekly newsletter. It’s a space where I share all of my thoughts on everything ‘blogging’ as well as offering advice, tips and tricks. I began to offer resources to subscribers and decided to launch a website as a central place to keep and show everything I do!

So, who even ARE you?

Photo by: Ami Ford

Fair question.

If you’ve stumbled across this website, you’re probably wondering who I am and why I think I have any authority on anything to do with blogging. Well it’s tricky for me to tell you because I’m far too self-deprecating for my own good. So you can read my blog here, my Press page here – to show (most of) the things I’ve appeared on in or written for, off of the back of my blog, or some Testimonials here.

If that’s not enough, I’ll try a bit harder here.

I have been a teacher for the past 6 years. Working a 60 hour week job that I LOVED because I helped young people recognise their own potential and encouraged them to grow into areas they loved and felt a strength in.

I left teaching to be a bit more selfish and to pursue what I love best – writing, raising awareness and making people laugh. I get to do this full-time because I am fortunate enough to work with a ton of brands on a range of exciting projects that have ranged from redesigning my living room to being a VIP at a festival and everything in between.

So what better way to merge my two passions? Teaching other bloggers how reach their potential – with hopefully some humour and fun thrown in.

I don’t call myself a blogging expert.

Blogs are so personal to each and every one of us that it’s hard to be an expert on something wide-ranging. Love Island though? I’m an expert on that.

BUT, I *have* taken my blog from a barely read, poorly designed and directionless space and turned it into a full-time job where I make more than what I earned as an experienced teacher. Not only that but I work with some of the most well known brands in the world and have built my social platforms PURELY through finding my own distinctive voice.

So if there’s anything I’m an ‘expert’ in, it’s how to identify who YOU are and how to use your blog as a platform to turn yourself into a successful brand – because that’s what I’ve done.

My blog has uplevelled massively these past few years and I’ve learned a lot along the way. It’s time I now share all of that knowledge – and help you to go from being a blogger to THE blogger.

Contact me about anything and everything blogging – I love chatting to you all and helping where I can. My email is here.

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