Want To Build A Blogging Community? Put Twitter In The Trash And Head To Instagram

July 25, 2018

Twitter is trash. Yep, I said it.

I LOVE the platform for breaking news, funny memes, witty repartee and the odd constructive discussion.

But building a blogging community? Where you want positive thoughts? People who read your shit and engage with you? A community of kind, nurturing and generous people? Yeah, you’re not going to find that on Twitter.

And I’m not alone in thinking that. Most bloggers I meet up with, or chat to on Instagram have said the same thing. They’re using the platform less and using Instagram more.

The previously-140-character-exclusive-platform used to exclusively use those 140 characters to big each other up, start friendships and compliment each other’s successes but, in my opinion, that’s not where it’s at anymore.

When I log onto Twitter (even after a mass clear out of drama gatherers and general neggyness) I can’t help but come across tweets from people bemoaning blogging and bloggers.

YOU JUST DON’T GET THIS ON INSTAGRAM (or I don’t. You might. Soz if you do.)

Yes I love Twitter for the portion of genuinely witty, positive and uplifting people I follow, but for building a community of like-minded individuals, I’m finding Instagram is where it’s at. So here’s how to build your community on the photo-sharing platform:

build an instagram community

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Start A Hashtag

Since starting #reallifeandstyle, I’ve found so many new bloggers who are all about what I’m about – sharing relatable content. I’ve followed them, they’ve followed me and as I follow the hashtag, I make a concerted effort to engage with people who post with it.

Reply To DMs

Ok, I’m obviously fortunate enough to only get a handful a day – which means everyone will get a reply. Once you start getting 100s a day, this becomes a lot more unmanageable. But whilst you’re just getting a handful a day, it’s nice to reply, start a conversation and check in on people. I always find these people are the ones who consistently like and comment and it reminds me to like and comment on their posts too.

Finding Similar Accounts

Whereas my Twitter following strategy was kinda haphazard – oh they seem funny, oh they say they love chips in their bio, oh they blog. My Instagram following is more about who I relate to on more levels. Because I relate to them more, I like engaging with them more – replying to their Insta stories or commenting on their photos for example.

Sharing Positivity

Nowadays a Twitter DM notification, starting with, ‘Hey so I just wanted to…’ fills me with UTTER DREAD. Ok dramatic as 9/10 is something positive but I’m finding that GENERALLY people don’t tend to DM me on Twitter all that much but I just find that comments, replies and DMs on Instagram tend to be way more positive.

Sending a tweet out into the universe is bound to offend someone even if it’s just saying that Ross was the funniest but worst in Friends. And not just calmly offend but offend people so badly that you get a full slating, mansplaining or patronising answer back.

Whereas (if you’re lucky) most of your Instagram comments and DMs are full of love-giving and sharing.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe Twitter is a fantastic tool for engagement, sharing your content and promoting your brand and I’ve made some of the best friends I have on Twitter – but I do believe that putting in the effort to engage more on Instagram is how you build a more positive community.

2 responses to “Want To Build A Blogging Community? Put Twitter In The Trash And Head To Instagram”

  1. Jay says:

    Totally agree Vix!! I’m uding Instagram more and more and twitter not so much (apart from meme hunting and Scottish tweets). I wouldn’t say I’ve built up an engaged follow from IG yet BUT I’m finding people with common interests much easier than twitter xx

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