Why Content Is King And Yours Could Be Holding Your Blog Back

September 26, 2018

You know me. I love to tell you straight. So here I am, telling you that the reason you may not yet be a superstar blogger is because MAYBE your blog content isn’t THAT super.

Don’t come at me with the pitchforks. This is coming from a kind place, promise!

I’m sure you love the content you’re putting out. And I’m sure those around you, who love you to bits, love it too.

I’m sure your social media followers love to retweet it hundreds of times. I’m sure you get thousands of hits a month on it. I’m sure you get millions of likes every time you post. Right?

Or no? Or are you putting stuff out that you feel like you *should* put out because you’re a ‘blogger’ that you don’t reeeaaallly love? Are you writing blog posts because you want to spill your brains and you don’t really mind if it’s not all that relatable, entertaining or helpful?

I get it. Perhaps you started your blog as a hobby (or it still is) and you really don’t care if no one reads it, no one shares it or if no one likes it – because you do! And I think that’s amazing, but this blog post isn’t for you.

This is a message to those of us out there (myself included FO SHO) to encourage us to reflect on WHY our content isn’t soaring like we need and want it to.

Are We Writing Properly?

No one wants to read content or shout about it from the rooftops if it’s not properly written. If there are glaring spelling or grammar errors, why would we encourage others to read it?

If it’s not paragraphed properly (not academically paragraphed but if you’ve read my Blogging A-Z you’ll know what I mean) so that readers can make it all the way through without getting bored?

Is it interestingly written? Is it chatty and engaging? Or dull and monotone?

I know that not all my blog posts are zinging with written wonder or are grammatically perfect so I understand when they don’t do as well as I’d like. I should really fix that! Should you?

Is Your Content Relatable?

Does it speak to people on a deep level? Will people be reading it, going, ‘me too!’? Because that’s the content that gets shared over again.

So when you’re writing your next blog post, about something that you’ve experienced, think about how you can make it relatable to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to ‘over share’ or say something you think is already obvious – it might be something that really resonates with people because no one else has spoken about it before.

Also, don’t be afraid to through some topical references in. Are you a millennial who was obsessed with Saved By The Bell? Chances are your audience are too – so mention your crush on Kelly Kapowski and watch the comments saying, ‘zomg me too’, roll in.

Or mention something that happened on Bake Off, or in the news, or about a massive celebrity – if it’s recent and trending, chances are your audience are interested in it and it will make your content speak to them.

Is Your Content Helpful?

Because that’s the content that does well on search engines. If it answers a question that lots of people have = BOOM. 

But if you’re not an expert on the topic. Or you don’t offer new or insightful information, what is making people want to share it? To read it? To save it?

So, for example, the next time you’re writing a guide to Budapest, reflect on what’s not been written before. If you’ve been and LOVE it – share the lesser known aspects that people may not have seen before.

If you’re writing about mental health, for example, make sure your language is inclusive, you know what you’re talking about, you use the proper terminology and readers leave your post having learned something.

Are Your Photos OUTSTANDING?

Mine aren’t. I know that! It’s so tough to be the EVERYBLOGGER. Who has the best aesthetic, the best theme, the best writing and the best pictures. But it’s one super simple area we can work on to up-level our content.

I’m not saying you NEED the latest smartphone or DSLR camera but can you at least develop a cohesive image style across your posts?

Perhaps a Lightroom preset that gives the same feel to your photos? Or some killer flat lay props that add that extra bit of zhush.

With the rise in influencers being Photoshop pros or affording their own professionals, grainy selfies in pub toilets are no longer acceptable content if we want our platforms to grow. 

It can be disheartening to feel that we’re never going to get ‘there’ if we’re not the best writers, or photographers or experts on what we are passionate about writing about.

But I honestly believe in setting our own levels of success. Perhaps yours is that you get a few comments applauding the improvements in your photography skills. Or maybe it’s a post that gets shared widely because it’s so well researched.

Whatever goals we can set, which encourage us to think more about our content and making it the best we possibly can, are achievable and exciting! 

So how are you going to make sure your content is king this week?

If you want a bespoke action plan detailing how we can turn your content into something searchable, helpful, relatable or shareable – please take a look at my coaching page and get in touch. I’d love to help!

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