I’m A Rubbish Blogger…But It Doesn’t Matter!

August 15, 2018

Oh blogger-shaming is FAB isn’t it? You’re always told the rules to follow, the steps to take and the advice to heed but it really just boils down to the fact that you’re a bit crap and you probably don’t care that much but I’m here to tell you, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

rubbish blogger

Here are all of the things I probably *should* be doing but don’t:

Scheduling Tweets

I just KICK myself. My traffic trebles when I schedule tweets but CHRIST it’s a chore. Really I should get my Buffer app, sit down and do the last few posts and get 3-6 tweets out a day but in reality I know I’m just going to scroll Twitter for the 583484th time.

Pinning New Content

I’ve been shown, told and taught a million times…

It’s just a full on mental block that I have. I just can’t bring myself to do it! It will MASSIVELY benefit my blog, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Promote Myself Widely

I get so comparey with bloggers who are so good at boosting themselves, shouting about themselves from the rooftops and convincing EVERYONE that they’re the best. I just can’t do it myself!

I’m more, ‘meh read this if you feel a bit like this,’ rather than, ‘here are the billion reasons you should read this post and it’s mainly because I’m fucking awesome.’

I probably *should* put myself forward for more awards, tell other people to follow me and generally believe in myself but, I just… won’t.

Ensure SEO Is Always Tight

You know the drill by now. Especially if you’ve downloaded my guide. But there are a few tick boxes you need to do on every page and post you write.

But sometimes you just can’t be arsed.

Sometimes you just want to bosh out a post that’s all about the feelings and catharsis rather than tiggling Google’s belly.

You *know* it won’t get as many page views, or it won’t be ‘evergreen’ but you just want to get it out into the universe.

‘cus same.

Working With The Best Brands

Sure, I’ve worked with some amazing brands. I’ve been very fortunate in that aspect.

But when you see everyone getting the Jo Malone call whilst you’re being pestered to #ad an arse-massager, you can get down on yourself for not hitting up the brands you love.

Rather than let it dissuade you though, you could always do a bit of pitching – it’s something that helps me feel less like a rubbish blogger.

Have A Theme Or Visual Style

Instagram is a visual platform and to grow on a visual platform you need to be visually appealing. It’s just the way it is.

But what if you can’t get it right? Or can’t be bothered to try?

What if you prefer things slightly less filtered and a bit more real even though you know it won’t really help?

It’s hard to muster up the energy to care about having everything looking ‘right’ but it’s super easy to get frustrated that nothing looks polished.

I’m sure there are TONS of things I should be doing but rarely do. But I just want to say – that often it just doesn’t matter.

(I mean in terms of growing your blog, getting that traffic and blowing up a following it totally DOES matter)

But what matters more is an engaging blogger and banging content. If you’re enjoying writing your blog, don’t beat yourself up over the stuff you *Should* be doing – just enjoy it.

And of course, if you ever need a kick up the bum – you can always get me (the worst blogger in the world, ha) to coach you! Yep, way to sell myself eh?

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