SEO Checklist And Guide

July 30, 2018


seo checklist and guide

A super quick and easy SEO checklist to apply to each new post so you can sit back and watch your traffic thrive!

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seo checklist and guide

Suck at SEO? Or find it alllll so confusing? Or perhaps you cba to always make that Yoast light green when you’re also sharing your content on every platform known to man?


SEO was never something I could be bothered to learn and I needed someone to break it riiiiight down to the basics for me.

So here I am doing the same for you!

This is a v v v mini guide on what we call, ‘On Page SEO’ which is the bits you can do to each post to optimise it.

This list is not exhaustive and you could spend AN AGE tweaking and perfecting, but if, like me, you sometimes don’t have the time or inclination to do it ALL, here are the key bits you can do to ensure each post rakes in that traffic.

This download includes a cute checklist you can print or save to a desktop, a small guide and an example of it in practise.

Let me know what you think!

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SEO Checklist SEO Guide

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