How 5 Simple SEO Tricks Doubled My Search Traffic In 3 Months

August 1, 2018

5 Simple SEO Tricks you say…?

I’m going to come right out and say that if you’re already an SEO expert, who always makes sure that green light on YOAST is dazzling after every post is written, then these 5 simple SEO tricks may be well below your pay-grade.

HOWEVER, if like me, you’ve been plugging away for ages and can’t seem to understand why more people aren’t finding your blog through Google, these little tweaks may help.

simple seo tricks

Here’s a little bit of background – before my good friend Beth took me out for lunch one day to break SEO down in a way I could understand, I just didn’t care if the light on Yoast turned green. I had no idea about keywords or alt-tags or WHYYYYY I wasn’t getting more traffic.

She spent a good few hours going over the basics with me, so I thought I’d do the same for you.

Simple SEO Tricks 1: Keyword Research

Simply put, your keyword for each post needs to be one that is highly searched on Google but with the lowest amount of people using the same keyword.

So when writing a post about foundation, rather than use the word, ‘foundation’ as your keyword, you want to use a long-tail version that less people are using. For example, ‘foundation for combination skin’, ‘foundation for over 40s skin’ or ‘foundation for dark skin.’

How do you know then what the best keyword to use is? You need a Keyword research tool.

There are plenty of free ones – Google has a Keyword Planner but sometimes just a quick Google search brings up a tool that allows you to type in the idea you have for your post and it will generate keyword ideas.

Remember though: high search volume, low competition

Simple SEO Tricks 2: Alt Tags

Oh hi, now you have a lil keyword that lots of people will use Google to search for but not that many other people are using – it’s time to jam it into your posts in every organic way possible.

So put that bad boy as your alt tag for your images.

Simple SEO Tricks 3: Subheadings

Read this post back and see if you can guess what my keyword is? Yup, ‘simple SEO tricks’.

By putting the keyword in the subheadings AND EVEN JUST HAVING THEM, you’re making your website easier to crawl and your subheadings are what your audience needs as a signpost for what the content is about.

Sometimes it’s tricky to do it in an organic way BUT TRY.

Simple SEO Tricks 4: Meta Description

You need to write one for every post you write. And it needs to have your keyword in. AND it needs to be enticing to a Google searcher.

Rather than:

Here’s a post on the things you could do with SEO that will help your traffic

I’d go for:

Need 5 Simple SEO Tricks to help boost your traffic? Read on for what I did to optimize each of my posts and see how I doubled my search traffic in 6 months!

Simple SEO Tricks 5: Links

I tell you who are AMAZING at this… Glamour Magazine.

simple seo tricks

See all of those underlined bits? They’re all (internal) links to other relevant articles they’ve published OR (external) links to relevant websites and products.

A good linking structure is SEO crack and not enough of us apply this to our blog posts with the fear of it looking spammy. But a simple underline or a slight colour change will help avoid that in the appearance of your copy.

Double my search traffic eh? I hear you sneer suspiciously. Well here’s a lil look at my Google Analytics for a week before my Beth-sesh and for a week exactly 3 months after…

simple seo tricks

Those Google referrals went from 319 in a week to 733 in a week. And all I did was implement the above 5 steps, and a couple more.

So here is a little checklist you should follow to ensure each of your posts are optimized.

simple seo tricks

Save it to Pinterest, or onto your desktop and ensure that you tick each SEO element off each time you write a new post.

And if you want more information on what each of these steps entails, then click here to download the full resource.

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