Here are some lovely words about working with me from some of the amazing people I’ve worked with so far…

Oh Vix, where do I begin? After lusting after you from afar and reaching concerning levels of obsession, I finally decided to take the plunge and get some blog coaching. I wanted to be a part of everything you stood for and wanted to take my blog to the next level and boy have you helped me do that. From sexing up my blog, to SEO, to thinking up the best ideas together (hit and miss, #Imacalamity and the sass scale), you have not only made my blog look so much more professional, but you have made me feel motivated and empowered to believe in my blog and do something I’ve been too scared to do for months…. contact brands. You’ve helped me to secure collaborations and made me realise I can do it. So if you are thinking about getting some help from the blogging queen bee herself, stop thinking and just do it, you won’t regret it!

Ashleigh Hitter

Working with Vix has given me such a clear focus and sense of direction when it comes to my blog and business. Not only has she helped me to realise my own potential within the industry, but she has given me a clear action plan to achieve it. Since working with her, I already feel more connected to my audience, and like my voice has been clearly established. Tie this all together with her infectious personality and clear desire to help people, and you have the perfect coach! I couldn’t recommend working with her more highly. 

Shauna Claire, The Goddess Guide

So today was my first time meeting with any blogger ever, and Vix was so wonderful. We talked for hours and we really touched on everything that was of concern to me. She was really helpful and extremely informative. I left feeling super inspired, motivated and very much refreshed. We worked mostly on Instagram, but also a bit on my blog and some newer things I’m going to start working on. The strategies are innovative while being simple enough. Vix manages to share her knowledge and experiences without in any way taking away from my specific topic. I look forward to staying in touch and putting all of her advice to work! 

Justine Goubert

I’ve been blogging for seven years and having recently taken it on as a full time occupation, I was overwhelmed and a bit intimidated as to how I could develop my hobby into a fully fledged business.

I was stuck in a content rut and wondering why I wasn’t growing. Things had stagnated and I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong. I booked a session with Vix, which was initially immensely helpful in pinpointing what worked and what didn’t.

She made valid points about hooking your audience, how to make your content valuable to your readers and not blur into the wider provision of everyone else’s content and social media posts. We came up with a strategy and instantly I felt invigorated, excited and inspired to push ahead with what we’d discussed.

I gave my blog a makeover, switched up my content strategy and the momentum since my session with Vix hasn’t faltered.

Since our session in November I’ve grown almost 15k on instagram, 6k on YouTube and I took away so many confidence boosting points! I feel like I have a clear focus and direction. Thank you, Vix!

She knows her stuff and I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about developing their space in the ever evolving social media sphere!

Scarlett London

I’d spent a year treating my blog like a hobby and whilst I was really enjoying sharing my posts with friends and family, I wanted to take the plunge and try and take my blog to the next level. I had stalled in terms of growth in all areas and I felt I was plugging away but going nowhere fast.

Meeting with Vix completely changed the way I viewed blogging. I felt like I had been let into a world I couldn’t quite access on my own. Within 10 minutes, I knew exactly where I was going wrong and it opened up so many questions about what I needed to do and how to make it happen. Vix already came with ideas about my brand and a great level of knowledge about who I was and what I wanted to achieve (without even talking to me about it).

Within 6 weeks I have tripled my twitter followers, increased 10% on Instagram & my monthly views are continuing to grow on a week by week basis. I have a solid community I am beginning to network within and I feel much more confident in my blog and blogging in general.

Vix has continued to support me since our initial meeting and I am still working through all the tips and tricks she has given me to support my growth. I am really excited to meet again and see where I am at in a couple months considering the changes in just a few weeks already.

Cara, Rainy Bay Blog

With her one to one weekly coaching Vix helped me shift my focus and set new personal goals for the direction of my blog. It has been invaluable to get her alternative, honest and impartial perspective which has helped me to be more consistent and creative with my content. If you are stuck in a rut or wondering how to take things to the next level I’d highly recommend getting in touch with her, since I did I’ve had the most traffic my blog has ever had (and that’s even with my current homework being weeks overdue!)

Jessica KG

As soon as I heard Vix was running workshops for bloggers, I just knew I had to book myself in immediately. Vix has always been someone I’ve seen as having a brilliant understanding of what is needed in order to stand out in the crowded market of bloggers and vloggers. During our session she helped me to tweak my blog’s USP (unique selling point) so that it reflected the way I present myself online. She also helped me to brainstorm content ideas and during our session, the majority of which I wrote in the weeks following our meeting. Since then, my blog’s traffic has grown noticeably and I’ve felt more in tune, and passionate about, the content I am creating. My monthly unique users jumped from 1,500+ to 2,100+ and I’ve noticed I’m getting more comments and interaction overall, which has been amazing.

Albertine Brandon, Albertine Sarah blog and Blogosphere Editor

The working lunch with Vix was really inspiring and helpful. I had been stuck in a rut with my blog for ages and it left me feeling a bit ‘blergh’ about it all. Vix is really knowledgable about social media and the blogosphere. We chatted about everything from blog design to categories and overall theme to how to work with brands, maintain professional relationships and how to increase your following across all social media platforms. It was honestly the best thing I could have done to re-gain my blogging mojo and learn more about the industry!

Lisa Kristin

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