7 EXTREMELY Useful Resources To Invest In To Up Your Blogging Game

August 22, 2018

Throughout my time running Vix Meldrew and growing it from scratch since 2014, I’ve made and used my fair share of (some not so) useful blogging resources.

Some have been questionable (e-courses that didn’t teach me anything beyond the basics, Lightroom presets I can now make myself and a few silly plugins here and there) whereas some have proven to be useful.

Here I’ll share with you the 7 things you should consider investing in, if you’d like to take your blog to the next level.

useful blogging resources

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Useful Blogging Resource #1: Theme/Layout

A good theme is essential for upping your blog game. Some fantastic developers like Kotryna Bass and Pipdig ensure that the themes you download are fully mobile responsive which is required for SEO and your ranking with Google.

If you make sure the colours, widgets and layout are in line with your ‘blog voice’, you’ll appear to totally have your shit together to your readers AND to the brands you’ll eventually want to work with.

Useful Blogging Resource #2: Hosting And Domain

If you want to start building your blog into a brand, you’ll DEFINITELY need to go self-hosted. Brands want to work with blogs who (not only have a killer brand that stands out) have a great Domain Authority built up.

Furthermore, having your own domain just LOOKS cool, doesn’t it?

Finally, having your own hosting space means that everything you create is YOURS. That’s a bit nice, isn’t it?

For reference, I register all of my domains with Go Daddy and host my blogs with Siteground*.

Useful Blogging Resource #3: Camera or SmartPhone

Great blogs utilise great imagery. There are amazing stock photo sites out there, like Unsplash but creating your own brand through imagery really uplevels the whole experience your audience have when they visit your blog.

Most Smartphones nowadays have INCREDIBLE cameras and I know some fantastic bloggers who use solely their phones for their photos.

I of course, will also always recommend buying a camera for those extra special blog shoots. I have the Olympus Pen EPL-7 but there are tons on the market. Debs from Bang On Style has a great section about this camera on her blog.

Useful Blogging Resource #4: A Coach

Now here’s a bit of time for some self promotion, but MANY of the people I’ve coached have gone on to say that the investment they undertook in receiving coaching was TOTALLY justified.

They’ve gone on to see their traffic MASSIVELY boosted, their social following EXPLODE and just general confidence when it comes to their blogs, blossom.

Working with Vix has given me such a clear focus and sense of direction when it comes to my blog and business. Not only has she helped me to realise my own potential within the industry, but she has given me a clear action plan to achieve it. Since working with her, I already feel more connected to my audience, and like my voice has been clearly established. Tie this all together with her infectious personality and clear desire to help people, and you have the perfect coach! I couldn’t recommend working with her more highly.  (Shauna)

See what more of what they’ve said here. And find out more information on coaching here.

Useful Blogging Resource #5: Courses

Just search, ‘blogging e-course’ on Pinterest and you’ll get MILLIONS of results. Promises that you’ll triple traffic, make 6 figure sums and be the next Zoella in 12 minutes are aplenty.

Whilst most of them will teach you things you probably already know, there are only a few out there that actually give you any new insight.

One I really recommend is The Insta Retreat by Sara Tasker. Even though I’m a seasoned social media-er, this course did give me some new ideas and inspiration by the bucket load.

But if you REALLY want a blogging course, one that, hmm I don’t know, is FREE, and will provide you with hints and tips you PROBABLY haven’t heard of before, ALL with the individual spin of helping you identify who you are as a blogger and how to smash your online space? Well then, you MIGHT want to register your interest for my upcoming one, here, mightn’t you?

Useful Blogging Resource #6: Canva

I cannot recommend this website enough. It’s where I make my photos, logos, Pinterest graphics, e-books and just generally everything I could do on Photoshop just without the hefty price tag.

There are add ons you can buy, but if you want somewhere that’s free, to make things for you blog like graphics, promotional images, buttons or media kits then you need to start using Canva!

Useful Blogging Resources #7: MY RESOURCES OF COURSE

It would be totally remiss of me NOT to mention all of the resources I’ve put together to help you guys! Loads of you have already said that you find them super helpful so if you haven’t already gotten hold of them, visit the Resource page here.

OR if you want to download EVERYTHING (worth £20+) in an easy zip bundle for just £12, then click here!

What resources would you suggest are the most useful for upping your blogging game?

*post contains Affiliate Links

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