What Is Ikigai And How Can You Achieve It Through Blogging?

September 5, 2018

I first saw the above image being shared on Twitter. ‘The Japanese Secret to Living A Long And Fulfilling Life,’ as written in this article on Medium. But what it is and can we find our own Ikigai through blogging?

What Is Ikigai?

Essentially it’s the belief that there are things that you do in life that you are good at and that they are also the things that you love doing.

It’s the belief that if you do not live your life this way, you will be unfulfilled which can then lead to unhappiness and stress.

Have You Got ‘Ikigai’?

It’s suggested that you make a list of 4 things. The things you are good at, the things that bring value to others, the things that you love. and the things you can make money from. If you find something that intersects all of these elements – you’ve achieved Ikigai.

So let’s put it into a real-life concept…

I used to be a teacher. One could argue that ‘teaching’ is, ‘what the world needs’ due to the value it brings to the young children you’re in charge of, you can certainly, ‘be paid’ for it and for 6 years I definitely did, ‘love it’. But was I ever any good at it? I certainly never felt that way.

After a brutal NQT year, I was made to feel like the worst teacher on the planet and subsequent years of, ‘requires improvement’ or even, ‘good’ lesson observations left me feeling that I wasn’t ever going to be good at it.

Ikigai was not achieved.

Have a think about what you do at the moment? Do you love it? Does it help others? Are you being paid for it? And are you actually any good at it?

Have I achieved Ikigai as a blogger?

I actually want to say yes. In the least wanky, conceited way possible.

I absolutely LOVE creating content. Nothing excites me more (wahey) than writing a post that resonates or making a resource that’s helpful.

Is it what the world needs? Maybe my capsule wardrobes, travels and wedding plans could be seen as consumerist to some, others use it as a resource. And I’ve had so much feedback over the years that my work on mental health, sex and relationships have helped people in ways I couldn’t ever imagine.

Does it pay? Better than teaching, that’s for sure!

But am I any good? Subjectively, I’d like to bloody think so. It’s the first thing I’ve done in life that I’m confident I’m good at. Except roast potatoes and (the old Vix would’ve said something here that old Vix fans would KNOW) but I suppose, as a reader, that’s your opinion!

Can You Achieve Ikigai As A Blogger?

Take some time to reflect and ask yourself these questions:

Are you enjoying it? If not, what do you need to change up to make sure it’s more enjoyable? And if it’s really a chore, why are you doing it?

Does it help people or add value? It certainly doesn’t have to if you’re a hobby blogger but if you’re trying to make blogging into a career – what are you offering people? Are you speaking on important subjects that need your voice? Are you providing thought provoking content that can open minds? Are your posts handy, helpful, saveable? 

Are you making money from it? Once you can make it your full time job (if that’s what you want) then you’ll feel amazing each time you receive a paycheck that’s based solely on your hard work. But if you’re not there yet – why not get in touch with me and see how I can help?

Are you any good at it? Well how do you quantify that? If you ARE trying to make it a career – you could look at how many people are reading? How loyal and engaged are your audience? How widely is your content shared and appreciated? Are you being approached by brands? Are you getting positive comments?

Have You Achieved Ikigai As A Blogger?

I’d love to hear how you’re filling all of the boxes in the above graphic with your blog so please leave me a comment or come over and chat on Instagram or Facebook!

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